not your average shortbread.


You will notice that I love baking with citrus. It’s a personal favourite of mine and I think pastries are beautiful with the natural bright colours of citrus fruits.

Although I enjoy making complex, extravagant desserts, these Cranberry Citrus cookies are simple and turn out perfectly every time. Just in time for spring, squeeze into your favourite spring time outfit and try cooking up these beautiful little morsels!

Ingredients needed: ½ c. dried cranberries, ¾ c. sugar, divided, 2½ c. all purpose flour, 1 c. butter, cubed (and cold), ½t almond extract, zest of 1 orange, zest of 1 lemon, 2T fresh orange juice, 2T fresh lemon juice, additional sugar to coat cookies before baking


  • Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.
  • Combine cranberries and ¼ cup of sugar in a food processor and process just until the cranberries are broken down into smaller pieces. Set aside.
  • Combine flour and remaining sugar in a large bowl.
  • Add butter and flour mixture to the food processor and pulse. You want very fine crumbs.
  • Stir in extract and zest.
  • Use your hands to knead the dough until it comes together and forms a ball. Work the dough until it comes together. It will feel dry but it will come together.
  • Shape dough into a log about two inches in a diameter and wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for two hours or up to 72 hours.
  • Preheat oven to 325F.
  • Cut slices of cookie dough about ¼ inch thick.
  • Place about a half a cup of sugar in a bowl and coat the cookie slices with sugar.
  • Place cookies on baking sheet and bake for approximately 12 minutes or just until cookies are set. Do not over bake!
  • Let cookies cool completely before removing to cooling rack.

Store in airtight container for 3 days or freeze for up to 3 months. Quick, simple, and bursting with delicious flavour, I know you’ll enjoy this recipe as much as I do. Amazing to have around when surprised with guests, cookie tins at Christmas, or for any occasion really. Always a crowd pleaser!

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